Sunday, August 3, 2014


Torii-kuguru had the first anniversary festival on July 26 and 27. It was very nice days and many visitors enjoyed food, music and workshops.

I am so thankful that this guesthouse is always open to neighbors. In this guesthouse, I was able to meet international tourists, young cyclists, hitchhikers, musicians, laid-back Snufkins and other neighbors who want to share the excitement of other people's journey. This place reminds me that we are always tourist in our life, which helps me to get out of my routine.

At the same time, I also love calm daily life and I like Torii-kuguru because this hostel also loves calm atmosphere. I like the great balance of excitement and calm there so much.

I would like to upload some videos instead of words. The first one is booth preparing. Two playing guys are from Ushio Chocolate in Onomichi. The instrument is nose flute. They are great entertainers!

This is a Torii-kuguru (going through shrine gate) experience video. This is a coming-in shot. You can also see the owner, Akio.

This is a going-out shot. You can see another owner, Kenji.

You may think why there is no photo of many visitors. Sorry! I could not take it because I was mostly helping the event as a volunteer :-) . 

I look forward to seeing you here, touring folks!

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