Sunday, July 20, 2014


July 20th is Marine Day, one of our national holiday. Summer holiday starts around this day in elementary school in Okayama.

Fortunately, weather news said that rainy season got finished today! Yay!

Unfortunately, we just got lightning storm this afternoon. :-(

Anyways, I would like to introduce great sightseeing spot near beautiful Setouchi Sea.

Setouchi Sea is very calm sea located between mainland and Shikoku island. Some people say that this area is like Aegean Sea area. I don't know if it is real because I never been to Aegean Sea :-P.

First of all, I would like to show my favorite site, Mt. Ojigadake. Those rocks are granite. Mainly on Sunday, you can see flying people there because this place is also a flight point of paraglider. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to Mt. Ojigadake. So, I took a movie for you on the top of the Ojigadake.

You can go to Shibukawa beach, near Ojigadake, from JR Okayama station by a bus bound for Setouchi Marine Hotel. It takes about 70 minutes.

   * * *

Next one is Inujima island. Inujima means dog's island, but you cannot see dogs there. Dog's spirit is enshrined as God there. This island was famous as high quality granite rocks for architecture.

Recently, it is well known for Inujima Seirensho Art Museum built based on old big copper factory site. This museum is designated as Heritage of Industrial Modernization in 2007 by Japanese government.

If you really want to see a dog there, I know one dog you can meet with. This is a big statue of dog made by artist Ryuzo Kawano in 2013. On its surface, he pasted about 20,000 tiles made by people all over Japan, including me :-) !

For more info about this big dog, see this site.

You can take a train from JR Okayama to JR Saidaiji. And then you change to a bus bound for Hoden Port. It takes about 10 minutes by ship from Hoden Port to Inujima.

For more information about Inujima, you can see this site. 

   * * *

Last place is Shodoshima Island. Shodoshima is big island where 15,000 people live. I love old location site of movie ”Twenty-four eyes”. You can see Setouchi Sea from windows of old class room! You can also enjoy movie sets of old village. 

 I like wide scenery seen from small islands.

You can check the access to Shodoshima on this site.

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