Saturday, July 5, 2014


July 6th is the first anniversary day of Torii-kuguru.

It is so fun to support a guesthouse as neighbor. I have actually dreamed to have a house with guest rooms and invite my friends. So when I found this place, I thought "O.K, I don't have to have my own guestrooms anymore because I have great ones here!"

I was also so glad to find my companies, Kenji and Akio, in self-employed field. I wanted to share the excitement and challenging experience of business with others, but there were not so many people who can share the experiences until Torii-kuguru opened. I was also able to meet young people who have various type of small business since there are amall shops around Torii-kuguru and many business-related friends come by Torii-kuguru.

I think Kenji and Akio had gotten tough experiences because their business is much bigger than mine. I hope they can enjoy more fun part of their business this coming year.

I made my Kirie, paper-cutting art, for this anniversary. I wanted to express airy atmosphere of the guesthouse.

For your information, actual torii, shrine gate is not so big :-P.

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