Saturday, June 28, 2014


I became one-day instructor for Kirie class today. Yes, I do Kirie! Ms. Chen who is living-in staff of Torii-kuguru also joined us and enjoyed the class.

Kirie is paper cutting art. It is not traditional Japanese art, but the essence of Kirie art is the same with traditional Japanese art. Basically you cut black paper by a craft cutter and put it on white paperboard. There are many other styles such as using color papers and painting on white board after/before pasting black pieces.

It is important to make a balance between black and white in the process of designing. While you think about black and white, light and shadow and brightness and sadness, you will realize the beauty of emptiness, shadow and sadness that we often ignore or negate. I also try to put narrativity in the picture. Beautiful pattern is just beautiful, but stories cultivate deeper emotions.

I started Kirie by myself about 15 years ago. Since I was so frustrated by my busy work at that time, Kirie was my best way to release my stress in short time. Kirie work is easy to start, stop, and care anytime because I do not use any water, clay or other wet materials.

I like simple things. I would to like to make Torii-kuguru's Kirie work sometime soon.

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