Thursday, April 10, 2014


Visitors often lose their way to a guest house Torii-kuguru because there is few English sign in old town area. However, the way is actually very simple although it is about 13-15minute-walk from JR Okayama station. It is not so boring walk because you can enjoy Hokancho shopping mall on the way!

This is a map to the guest house. See? It is so simple! I also show you the way with photos.

After you pass through a ticket gate of JR Okayama station, you will walk to the west exit (西口), and you will go over a land bridge.

This is the scenery from the land bridge to the North area. After crossing over, you will get off the bridge and walk to the North along a road

While walking, you will pass in front of a convenience store, Seven-Eleven. Let's keep walking.

You also pass in front of those shops. Keep walking.

This is a gate to Hokancho shopping mall. You will turn left and go through the arcade.
This is the way that you came from.

This is the inside of the arcade. There are many food, clothes and other shops in both sides.

This is the end of arcade that is about 500 m long. You can just keep walking.

You will see a cross road with a signal. Please cross the road and keep going.

You will see this scenery. You almost see the guest house!

There is a post office in the right side. The guest house is across the street from it.

You found it! Have a great night there!


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