Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I am always feeling like I am pushed to next season even if I want to enjoy the season longer. I always spend very busy life to switch between seasons in Japan. Very short time of natural phenomena tell me time to move on all the time. One of such phenomena is cherry blossom season in April.

We have only one or two weeks to see cherry tree in full bloom, and this year, as usual, its best moment was gone while I spent very busy days in my office.

Even living in Japan, it is very difficult to tell when blooming starts and when full bloom stage ends. When I lived outside of Japan, I missed cherry blossom so much, but I did not think I can go back to Japan in the same timing with its blooming. So, you are so lucky if you can see full bloom stage in Japan.

Blooming time starts early in south area and gradually moves to north of Japan islands. In Okayama, it starts mostly around the first week of April and  ends about two weeks later. Since we have rain once or twice a week in this season, sometimes full bloom suddenly disappear after heavy rain!

This is an old Japanese poem called Tanka.






(Meaning: You may think you can go to see cherry blossom tomorrow, but what if everything is blown off by night-storm? (Don't put off what can be done today.) )

Cherry blossom is often used as a metaphor of impermanence, and Japanese love sense of impermanence so much. A lot of cherry blossom songs are played on the radio in this season.

This cherry tree is planted in a small park of my community. It is typical that people bring lunch and enjoy it under the tree. I took this picture last week, but the great scenery is gone now.

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